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How to make Easter eggs with a little help of onion peels

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My friend Katarina in Ljubljana showed a basket of incredibly beautiful Easter eggs on Facebook. My mother (who saw them on my screen — I was on a short visit) immediately asked: ”How does she make them?” And now, here are Katarina’s step-by-step instructions!

What do you need?
* eggs
* plants/ leaves that have interesting shapes
* some paper towels
* onion peels (light brown ones)
* a pot
* a couple of bowls or plates
* old nylon stockings
* thread/ string
* scissors
* time
* somebody to make Easter eggs with (because lovely stuff needs to be shared)

First, go out and find some green stuff that has unique shapes. Think what could fit on an egg. Gently wash them if there’s soil or dust, and put them on a paper towel.

Generously fill the pot with onion peels, add water so that it covers the peels. Heat the peels until boiling, then set aside. This way the peels will let the colour out. The peels stay in the water all the time.

Gently wash the eggs with a sponge. If they have number printed on, try to gently rub it off. (The side with numbers should always be on the back.)

Cut nylon stockings into small squares (cca 13 cm).

You can cut thread into shorter pieces (cca 25cm) beforehand or you can cut it while you work.

Put the green stuff on the eggs the way you want it. Carefully and tightly wrap the egg and leaf in a square of nylon stocking (sometimes the plants will tear apart — don’t worry, you’ll learn quickly!), tie the thread well, and cut the excess of the wrapping.

You can also play with shapes. I find ordinary green leaves of ivy to be perfect for that. If you use nail-cutting scissors, it’s even better.

Put the pot with peels back. Bring the water to boil, then turn it to the lowest temperature, put eggs in, bring it to boil again, turn to lower temperature and let eggs cook for 5 or 6 minutes more.

Eggs should rest in the pot comfortably, so not too many at the same time.

When they are cooked, take them out with a spoon or spaghetti spoon, cut where the thread is tied and wash under cold water.

Repeat the process until all the eggs are done.

Share your Easter eggs with your family and friends. Bon appétit! Happy Easter! 🙂


Thank you, Katarina!